Hennes – H & M home

Most of us are aware of Hennes – H & M, but maybe not so of their homeware. In 1947 the first store was opened in Vasteras, Sweden under the name of Hennes which sold women’s clothing and in 1976 the first store was opened in London.

Today, Hennes is a large group that sells fashion brands under the names H & M, Cos, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday, Other Stories and fashion for the home under H & M.



Just like their fashion, H & M home aims to sell quality at the best price and I think they deliver on this pretty well. I will often wander around an H & M home and I’m amazed at the variety and uniqueness they have in store.

If you are looking to do up a child’s room there are currently some fab accessories available.


or perhaps looking to update and accessorize:


Living room








It’s definitely worth a closer look as the prices may surprise you.


Rowen & Wren

Hello. I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. This week I’m going to focus on 3 on line retailers who I think you may like.


Rowen & Wren is an online lifestyle brand and although the items are not at ‘everyday’ prices they do have some beautiful home accessories, cushions and linen, lighting, furniture and gifts which you may enjoy a browse at.

Below is the Byron Indoor-Outdoor bench. It is so stunning (and pretty expensive) that I’m not sure I could put this in the garden and let it get rained on so for me it would end up an Indoor-Indoor bench I think.



Don’t worry as there are smaller outdoor items also available such as these lovely pots and at £11 to £24 would make a fab gift.



‘Little Rowen & Little Wren’ are for the little people who may not appreciate amazing interiors but whose parents obviously do! How brilliant are these James’ Giant Pear and Apple Pouffes. Not cheap at £244 admittedly but they are very cool. (although personally I think I would relax more if they were in a darker colour… )



Or how about these more affordable Gilly Giraffe hooks. A few of these on a wall would look really fun and at £12 each maybe a bit more doable.



Here’s the good bit – Rowen & Wren also offer an interior service so if you are totally stuck with what to spend all your money on, if you send them a photo they will tell you what to put in it. :)

how to hang a pendant light

Pendant fixtures have become very popular and there are literally hundreds out there. We spend hours choosing the right one and then so many times I think we don’t hang it in the right way.

So how do we hang a pendant light?

How high should they be?

Well, if you follow ‘rules’ then apparently if you are hanging them over a table they should be 28 to 32 inches above the table. If above an island, then it’s 28 to 34 inches above a worktop or 72 inches above the floor.

Without wanting to sound rude, even the fact that the ‘rules’ are in inches makes me think that we need to get a grip and actually realise that surely it’s our choice how high or low we hang our pendant lights?

As you know, I was lucky enough to visit Abigail Ahern’s house a few weeks ago and she certainly knows how to hang a pendant light.


She is a big fan of pendant lighting (although she does believe you can’t ‘just’ have pendant lighting as other little pockets of light around the room are also essential to create the right mood and otherwise lighting can be a bit unflattering) but she is forever saying that we should ignore ‘rules’ and actually hang pendant lights or chandeliers much lower than you normally would over tables. She is always saying that by lowering it will completely change the vibe for the room.

She also uses this mantra when lighting her garden too. Nice and low just above the table creates such a great ambiance.


low garden pendant

low garden pendant


Well, I have to say I totally agree! I have just had the electrician round (on a Saturday, thank you Dave) and he has lowered a few of my pendant cords in the living room and bedroom. Abigail Ahern often jokes about how she bangs her head on her chandelier in the bathroom as she gets out of the bath but who cares I say! I have just put the one in the living room (an enormous straw like thing – heres a pic I took of it in the Atelier store before I got it home) quite low and initially I think Paul thought I was mad (as always) but he has now agreed it makes it a total feature of the room. Same for the bedroom, it was far to high and now it has a role of it’s own and is a statement in itself.


my living room shade

my living room shade


If a room isn’t working for you have a look and see if it’s the pendant shade. Is it hung too high? Maybe?

Have a go at lowering it…. I bet it will transform the room.


Have a great weekend :)



I have been aware of houzz.com in the states but last month, http://www.houzz.co.uk was launched in the UK. It’s an online interiors community that gives stacks of inspiration and handy advice.

Houzz was created by husband and wife Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen in 2009 when they were renovating their home.


When renovating their home, they decided to set up ‘Houzz’ as an online forum to answer some of the queries they had with regards to their work. The idea is to load questions and the forum of viewers offers their advice. It could be that you are looking for a certain product or just for various image inspiration. Apparently there are more than 8,000 ‘professionals’ signed up in the UK already although it’s not essential to be ‘qualified’ to join the forum. Some designers even post on layouts and specific products if asked. There are so many fantastic images on this site that it’s great if you want to have a nosey around other people’s homes – who doesn’t love that !?



Another company going down the ‘Q & A’ open forum route is on line retailer http://www.made.com. Made.com advertise their high street products at reduced prices by having minimal presence on the High Street (they only have two showrooms).



They have set up a brand new Unboxed project which they begun by asking their customers to share their images of how they are using the products in their home that they purchase via made.com. It’s great as you can see how others have styled their homes by using reasonably priced furnishings. You can browse through all the uploaded images or actually join the site to interact in the forum.



It seems that we all love to look at the glossy images in magazines such as Elle Decoration or Living.etc but not that helpful when you actually come to decorate our own more ‘modest’ homes which is why people are becoming big fans of these new online communities. Real people showing off their real homes. How refreshing !

Glerups DK at Nord in Cambridge

How was your weekend ? Good I hope albeit the changing weather!

I spent last week with my family and thoroughly enjoyed various ‘days out’ and on one of the days we popped into Cambridge. The idea was … picnic in one of the many beautiful open green spaces,…. head down to the river to introduce ‘punting’ to my Norwegian nieces and ….generally mooch about town.

Well, it did not all go to plan as the heavens literally opened on us (my little Havanese Maggie was literally the size of a small rat after an onslaught of heavy rain). Torrential rain and thunderstorms prevented most of our preplanned ideas but it wasn’t a complete washout as I was pleased to stumble across a very nice store called NORD.


The store is basically all about Scandinavian design and there is a wide range of interiors, fabrics and clothing on display:

Marimekko fabrics, clothing, wallpaper, kitchen accessories and ceramics





Iconic furniture by Artek and G.A.D


As you can imagine, these beautiful items are not cheap but it’s definitely worth a browse.

What I was really pleased to see is that they are stockists of Glerups slippers.

My Norwegian sister-in-law’s sister, the lovely Mette Hege, has lived in Denmark for many years and a few years ago I fell in love with her beautiful slippers and discovered they were called Glerups slippers. She kindly bought me some from Copenhagen as I couldn’t buy them in the UK but now I can!


These slippers are produced from 100% pure, natural wool. The wool is treated naturally and the qualities of wool as amazing when worn directly next to the skin and it is recommended you wear them with bare feet. The inner sole is a double layer of felted wood and the sole is made from calf skin which is soft and flexible. You can even wash them on a wool wash!

I’m delighted that I’ve found a local stockists of these unique slippers as they make wonderful gifts and I can introduce them to family and friends.

If you are in the Cambridge area why not pop by and try some on!


Have a good Monday :)


Not sure if you remember but we had a leak in our bathroom a few months ago. It feels like ages ago and we have been trying to sort the insurance situation out so that we can replace the floor and shower area. Well, finally it seems as if things are moving so I can now start to think about what I’m going to do in there!

I’ve been working on a bathroom for a client recently so it’s nice to start sourcing for my own which is a treat. (hopefully I will be as good as sticking to a budget as I have tried to be for them….hmmmm we will see….)

Anyway, I think I would like a patterned floor. I’ve got it in my head that this is what I’m looking for. I think the first image is actually of the owners home of Graham & Green which looks great. I like the idea of a patterned floor and then darker paint or tiles on the bath area as below. I’ve already painted the ceiling the same colour as the walls to see what it looks like and I love it but hope that works with a pattered floor otherwise will have to rethink!





I’ve not had much chance to research the tiles yet but the Toulouse, Patisserie and Trellis range from Fired Earth are lush.





I think I need to head off and start getting hold of some samples…… will keep you posted.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday



Under Milk Wood – Thaxted


I know that quite a few readers of my blog are local to Essex so I wanted to let you know of a new pop up shop that opened last week.



A few weeks ago I introduced you to http://www.anartfullife.co.uk which sells beautiful homeware items set up by Kate Whitfield and I had mentioned that she was going to be stocking her lovely crafts in store in Essex – Well I’m pleased to say it is now open!


Under Milk Wood is a coffee shop and homewares stores.  They have a small childrens area so the kids can play whilst you shop! (sounds good to me). The store promotes all things creative, photography, illustration, wood turning, ceramics, caning or quilting and love to promote any talented artisan and luckily for Kate, they are stocking some of her items.

If you are in the area it is definitely worth popping in to see some of these unique items.


Under Milk Wood

One Newbiggin Street




077757 92655